Using our software to create your own website

We have great software for creating online, adaptive-learning courses.  Click HamTestOnline to see one.

“I have used HamTestOnline study now for about a month and find it to be very very well designed!  ... This service is the best I have ever seen and like many have said, it works!.  I have told all my friends about it, Thanks!” - Al Grabenbauer / Al's Electronics

Our software is rich in features:

  • Courses are browser-based, with nothing to download or install.
  • Tracks the process of each student through the course.
  • Automatic “intelligent repetition” adapts the speed of the course to the student's ability.
  • Single-click answer and advance makes it super easy to use.
  • “Show answers”, “50/50”, and unlimited hint buttons.
  • User-controllable email reminders.
  • Random and focus practice exams.

“I found your service very helpful; the explanations associated with answers helped me learn the underlying material very quickly.  Thanks for making the site available; it was definitely one of the major factors that helped me succeed.  I passed all four elements in one evening.  The results speak for themselves. Thanks again!” - Phil Wherry, AI4JF

  • Courses are built using online screens.  There is no software to download and install.
  • Supports reference, informational, multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank items.
  • Data tables allow you to write one set of questions and apply them to each row in a table.
  • Precedences allow you to arrange the course in a logical order.
  • Relationships cause the “intelligent repetition” software to adjust the repetition frequency of one item based on the answers to other items on the same or a related concept.
  • Hint buttons allow the user easy access to the material texts or other hints.
  • Complete banner ad management.  You could choose to give away your course for free and make your profit from banner advertising!

Read our FAQ to find out more.

“I just wanted to tell everyone at HamTestOnline how happy I am with your program.  I subscribed to your service Saturday and aced the Technician Element-2 exam on Wednesday.  That's 5 days later, without any prior studying for the test at all!  I am really impressed with all the links that are in the study area to help you learn more about a great many topics.” — Joe

UPDATE... "I took the element 3 test on February the 5th and Aced it also.  Thanks again!"